SIVEM   was born in 1963 in Busalla (Genoa) further to a twenty-year of experience  in the screw sector, specialised in standard brass screws.

After lots of progress, in 1997 our company set up   with a new production under good guidance of  BISIO’ s family.

From the technical and commercial growth of our company and the widening of the screws sector, as special cold forming screws, mostly sheared and turned items, it turned out that S.I.V.E.M. was a productive and flexible reality in order to satisfy its customer  requi-rements in a short time, maintaining a competitive commercial setting out .

At the moment we are in course of ISO certification 9001: 2000 which is going to involve all the resources and business process. This philosophy will be pursued in order to guarantee our customers the quality of our products, going always on maintaining and improving the standard production quality.

Recently S.I.V.E.M. has increased its customers maintaining its old historical ones with a wide range of products.

We are able to supply customers as retailer, ironmonger, direct users and screw producers, too.

Moreover we can also draw up a yearly program with a great collaboration to solve out every type of  customer problem.

The technology of commerce we supply changes from the electromechanical,  electronics, fittings, lightning, food industry, automotive, clamps and wiring, mechanical components production of any type.


S.I.V.E.M. S.n.c.   - Di Carlo Bisio & C. - Via Milite Ignoto 13/1 - 16012 Busalla Genova (I)
Tel. 010.9640735 Fax. 010.9641996 - P.Iva 03621450109 email: carlo.bisio@sivem.it - vendite@sivem.it